1. I don’t know what to do. The Professor seems like a very interesting person (and we have a lot of the same interests) but he needs to chill the fuck out about someone he’s never met before. I pretty much made that clear when I narrowed our plans down from brunch and an art museum to just brunch.

    Meaningful? Dude, what?

    Should I and can I get out of this with grace? Or should I just go ahead and see what happens? 

  1. cutecompanion said: run for the hills…creeper alert.
  2. hazneverended said: I’ve had one of these but I knew him and he was sweet on me but not me on him. It took and is still taking ages to convince him that I’m not interested. If you’re not sure then don’t lead him on. You might not like where you end up… good luck xx
  3. bustysaintclair said: Yikes. I say go ahead with brunch because why not… As long as you don’t get roped into doing anything you don’t want to do simply because he’s persistent and wears you down.
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