1. theladybrain:

    I’m sort of sunk into this depression. I had an interview with a great company, I started to daydream all the things glamorous things I’d be able to do if I got the job. Go to the dentist! Get new glasses! Repair my car!

    The interview went pretty okay, I felt like I was still in the game at the…

    Hey remember I was being a mope? No? Oh well never mind, I got the job anyways!!!!!


  2. The Ice Bucket challenge has become the equivalent of KONY 2012.



  4. The Girl Doesn’t Have It

    I’m sort of sunk into this depression. I had an interview with a great company, I started to daydream all the things glamorous things I’d be able to do if I got the job. Go to the dentist! Get new glasses! Repair my car!

    The interview went pretty okay, I felt like I was still in the game at the end of it. But then at the end of the tour on my way out to the car I realized they didn’t ask for my references. I still had them with me.

    Death. The end. You’re. Now for that long wait for a rejection email, that in the meantime I will have twinges of both hope (that they just forgot to ask) and regret (of all the stupid things to the question “How are you technically minded?”).

    I’m really starting resent things like hope and daydreaming.


  5. Hugs back to you too! I guess every mom has a little Lucille Bluth in her.


  6. Anyone else notice the only dark skinned character in How to Train Your Dragon 2 was evil?

    It had complicated female characters, a gay viking, the possibility of a  polyamorous relationship, but it couldn’t do anything to make that Khal Drogo ripoff less problematic?


  7. I have a headache from holding in tears.

    I can’t sleep. I have switched sides so much, my sheets are now twisted around my ankles.

    This past April, while putting up streamers for my sister’s wedding reception, my Mom said that this was something I could never do because the rest of hated and me and would never come to my wedding. She said it like a joke, like this was something we all knew together, and that it’s sharp honesty is what made it funny.

    As a kid, your wedding is about on the same level as your prom: it’s a fantasy you have years and years to think too much about before it’s ever time to actually try on a dress. You take chunks of what you’ve seen from movies, magazines, and your experience as a wedding guest to mush it together and call it your dream. It’s not realistic of course, but neither were your expectations for prom. Most likely what’s in your head is an absurd fairy tale that will never measure up to the real day, but it was your fairy tale, tailored made for you. And that’s wonderful.

    My mother dearest has since apologized twice, but still the idea of having to plan my wedding is unpalatable. The fantasy has become a church full of empty pews and a catering table that’s hardly been touched.

    What a stupid thing to cry about.


  8. That moment when you realize just how insane you actually are.

    Like when you almost set the restaurant on fire.

    That’s some full blown former Mrs Rochester crazy.


  9. morganolivianewton:

    I like this a lot.

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  10. bustysaintclair So yes, we have talked about it quite a bit.

    It’s evidently common knowledge for everyone now. There was even some weirdness last night when his Dad made a joke of how I should talk to Asshole about something because I can really butter him up. That came out of nowhere.

    Beardsley feels bad and has apologized to me on multiple occasions. He says he doesn’t consider him to be a real friend and I shouldn’t pay much attention to someone that means very little to him. Bonus trivia! Not only do they live together and play together, but they have hung out since high school.

    The thing is Asshole has SO much control over his friends, I’m not sure Beardsley even realizes how much power they give him.

    He’s the one that got all of his other housemates to shun us both for violating the open door policy. And while most of dudebros are at least friendly to me now, Asshole still has considerable influence over them and Beardsley’s bandmates (Asshole is his drummer).

    In other words, Beardsley doesn’t want to mess with it too much because he’s afraid of how hard Asshole will make his life if he does.

    And quite frankly I hesitate to walk up and punch him in the scrotum only because he would start to isolate Beardsley from his own friends.

    Ugh! Life would be so much easier if I could murder.


  11. How do you treat a terrible person who is terrible to you?

    Beardsley’s housemate/bandmate/friend person doesn’t like me. Why? I have no fucking clue other than I violated the open door policy once before I even knew about it. Beardsley later told me Asshole didn’t speak to him for weeks after that. When he finally did acknowledge Beardsley again, it was to say that he would not be supporting our relationship.

    At the time Beardsley laughed it off. I was a little more worried. 

    On the outside Beardsley’s friends are normal looking hipsters. Asshole in particular is strategic about his appearance. He’s covered in tattoos, got a septum piercing, his haircut is expensive, and his jeans are tight. He is a posterboy for the indie crowd and all his friends look up to him.

    The thing is

    Asshole himself is a HUGE racist as in his room he has a painting titled “Run to Freedom,” that depicts African American slaves trying to out run their captors, ONLY BECAUSE HE THINKS IT’S FUNNY.

    While the racism is pretty blatant, the sex shaming is a little more subtle. You can joke about it all you want, but you can’t actually  admit to doing it. A curse on your house and your family if you do! And yet, out of 6 housemates, 4 are having sex on the regular. Guess who’s one of the two odd men out? Yep, Asshole. 

    Asshole is very concerned about his friends “purity”. Asshole polices the open door policy. Asshole even declared that he wouldn’t make out with his own girlfriend for at least a year, just prove he’s a pure guy. Yeah, that didn’t last long.

    Asshole’s dad is also a pastor at a major church here. That’s just a detail I think really adds richness to how terrible he is. 

    And so I have been weighed and found wanton. My punishment is that I  do not exist for Asshole, and he lets me know that by literally pretending I don’t exist. If I come into a room he will not acknowledge me. and a few times he has even left the room. 

    However there is one exception to his silent treatment: if his girlfriend is with him, he will say words at me. I guess Asshole doesn’t want his girlfriend to know he’s an asshole — even though she probably does and is, I suspect, sort of an asshole herself since she must have seen the painting.

    So what to do? Do I give him the silent treatment right back? Be aggressively nice to him? Can I take the low road and find away to needle him? Advice?




  14. two4fit:

    Tabloid headlines without the sexism

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  15. Turn back now if you don’t a want a ranting feminist nerd to spoil Godzilla for you.

    It’s disappointing that the only fully realized female character was a parasite. No, that’s not a metaphor. An enormous prehistoric parasite really did have a better role than any other actress in this film.

    The contenders:

    Juliette Binoche - falls victim to the Women in Refrigerators trope in the first five minutes.

    Sally Hawkins - serves no other purpose then to trail after Ken Watanabe and say things like, “Where are you going?” and “What do you mean?” Despite having studied these creatures HER ENTIRE CAREER, she can’t seem to offer a single suggestion of her own.

    Elizabeth Olsen - I have a thing about screenwriters who throw a kid in the mix when they feel the need to raise the stakes. It’s lazy writing and manipulative in the cheapest way.

    Godzilla does this several times, with multiple, completely random kids. Don’t care if this falling building crushes someone? What if a little girl is standing there? Don’t care that this bridge full of people that’s about to be knocked into the water? What if there’s a school bus packed with children on it?

    So. Fucking. Lazy.

    So when they ran out of adorable child actors, they started using adorable Elizabeth Olsen — who despite being a dedicated nurse, you actually never see helping someone injured. She just exists to make wide beautiful eyes in terror, to almost get killed, and then most importantly to makeout with our hero in the end. You know, the typical movie girlfriend crap.

    It also fails the Bechdel test.

    But other than you run of the mill misogynistic bullshit, it’s a pretty fun film to watch.

    I give it two thumbs up and one middle finger.